October 4, 2012

2011 Lighting Demo Reel & 2012 Texturing Reel

 2012 Texturing Demo Reel

A: "Cabin Robot "(2010): Lighting Challenge from CGsociety.
II did Texturing, Shading, lighting and render it in Maya. The set model is from CGtalk and modeled by Andrew Kin Fun Chan and Dan Konieczka. Robot model was created by my friend, Aaron Ramsier. 
B: "Burning Bright"(2010):  independent project,
C: "Wish"(2009):  independent project,
D: "Maturin "(2012): character project did in Ansarpi Studio
Character design from our customer. I painted all of the textures except the shoes.

2011 Lighting Demo Reel

A: "Burning Bright"(2010):  independent project,
B: "Wish"(2009):  independent project,
C: "Cabin Robot "(2010): Lighting Challenge from CGsociety.
II did shading, lighting and render it in Maya. The set model is from CGtalk and modeled by Andrew Kin Fun Chan and Dan Konieczka. Robot model was created by my friend, Aaron Ramsier.
D: Fine-Arts works
E: "Theater "(2011): Lighting Challenge from CGsociety
   I did shading, lighting and render it in Maya. The set model is from CGtalk and modeled by Dan Konieczka.
F: "Art Studio "(2011): Lighting Challenge from CGsociety
II did shading, lighting and render it in Maya. The set model is from CGtalk and modeled by Giorgio Luciano.

September 25, 2012

Great Detective project(大偵探團)

I did the sets design for an online animation series---Great Detective
The overall style of sets is base on old British (around 1930) and added some fantasy elements to it.
I give each set slight different color combination:
Detective kid's room (first row) is in wood brown color ;
Rich mechanical man's house (second row) is combining vivid blue and copper brown;
Bad guys' house (third row left)is in cooler color--grey and blue.

September 20, 2012

One Pre Person project

This is a online collaborative project I've been worked with them since last year.This 3d animation short starts as a passion project by two director--Nasheet Zaman & Jacquelyn Piette and I was impressed by their beautiful preproduction package.
I works as Matte Painter in this talent team and painting the backgrounds for the scenes. Finally, this film is going to final stage--rendering !!This is the kickstarter page they made for funding the rendering farm. Can't wait to see the final film :) 


The story is happened in a beach pier surrounding by the ocean. The following are four environment paintings for different sequences.
left-->right are:
1.beginning morning scene: it's the environment for introduction the story.
2.noon scene: it is a hot, sunny noon and the scene's color tend to sky blur
3.gloomy sunrise: this is the saddest moment in the film. It is designed to be cloudy and dark. Dim color been apply to the environment.
4.ending happy sunrise: this is the end of the story, everything end up happily. some purple romantic color been apply to the environment.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work by Mei-Yu Chen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

September 14, 2012

films in Hiroshima Animation Festival 2012

儘管廣島國際動畫影展是動畫界知名的三大影展之一,但網路能google到的活動訊息似乎少之又少(不管是英文還是中文), 所以, 我決定記錄下我這次到廣島影展的心得, 整理出所有我認為優秀的影片來分享給大家~ 也來造福對所有對動畫有興趣網友們

I was attended the Hiroshima festival for four days in the end of Aug this year(2012). There are many inspiring films be selected and  the festival was so wonderful that I would like to share my experience about it !!
Therefore, I list my favorite films and post them following:    Enjoy!

"En Parties (Pieces)"   -- Hugo Bravo(france)

"Head over Heels"  ---Tomthy Rackart(UK)

How To Eat Your Apple  ---Erick Oh(Korea)

"Kali the little Vampire"   -Regina Pessoa


The Devil's Due -- Adam Shaheen(Canada)

Yonalure: Moment to Moment  --Ayaka Nakata, Yuri Sakitani(Japan)

Fiumana(Flood) --Julia Gromskaya(Italy)

TWO --Steven Subotnick(USA)

Kuubo (Canada)

Howl   --Natalie Bettelheim & Sharon Michaeli (Israel)

The Eagleman Stag --Mikey Please(UK)

behind the scenes也非常有趣:http://vimeo.com/42574793

LE Taxidermiste
(只找到trailer跟一個片段, 這部片並不哀傷,滿多惡搞的點XD )
(It's not a sad film. I think it's quiet funny)

L'odyssée du feu sacré( The Sacred Fire Odyssey) Célia Rivière(france)

Tram  --Michaela Pavlátová(france)

"Chinti" Natalia Mirzoyan(Russia)

"Der kleine vogel und das blatt(The litte bird and the leaf)" Lena von Doehren/Switzerland
(no full film)

This Crowded Thought

Animation feature:

March 30, 2012

SKIP BEAT Project did in Ansarpi Studio

It's a intro animation sequence of SKIP BEAT tv series

this animation sequence was created in 3D with crazy AE compositing.

Stop Motion sequence:
we spend many days to design the pose list, and another whole day for shotting the photos.
Thank you to my friends sponsor me baby's photos since it's very difficult to shotting bady in the studio.

Sadly all of my working files of this animation is disappear due to a severe hard drive tragedy....

Ansarpi Studio
Artist: Meiyuchen, Skazami Shih
©Gala Television Corporation, Comic International Productions,Honto Production

May 24, 2011

BurningBright in two Animation Festivals !

My thesis film-Burning Bright has been select in 2011 NW Animation Festival !
My animation has been show in 5th Avenue Cinema, Portland City(Oregon, USA) at June3 7:00~10:00pm

我的畢業製作動畫"Burning Bright" 入選2011 NorthWest動畫影展!!
片子將在今年六月三號, 美國波特蘭市的5th Avenue Cinema電影院與其他的入選短片一同撥出

影展網頁 Festival Website:

影展節目表: festival schedule:

Burning Bright has been select in 2011 Glovebox Short Film and Animation Fest !
the animation has been show in Somerville Theatre, Boston(USA) on June11

"Burning Bright" 入選2011 Glovebox動畫影展!!
影片將在今年6/3在美國波士頓的Somerville Theatre電影院撥出


May 1, 2011

BurningBright in 360|365 Film Festival !

First festival selected for my thesis animation "Burning Bright"
congratulation "Burning Bright" in 2011  360|365 Film Festival !!
my film been shown with "2011 RIT Emerging Filmmaker Series"
Saturday, April 30th, 2:30pm, at the Little Theater(Rochester, USA)

恭喜我的畢業製作動畫"Burning Bright" 進入 今年(2011) 的 360|365 Film Festival 影展!
影片在4/30 2:30pm 羅徹斯特市(美國紐約州)的Little Theater戲院  "RIT新銳導演系列短片"中撥出

I'm here 我的影片簡介